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Imagine how happy your customers would be if you could make their processes run more smoothly, with less waste and using fewer resources.  That is what we have been helping our clients do since 1991; saving our clients time and money.  We have a three step process which we use with every client:


Step One:

The very first  thing we do is:


Listen to YOU and Understand YOUR needs.  After all, this is about you.


Not just what you feel your issues are on the surface, but listen to you and truly gain an understanding of where you are, the causes of your pain points and where you would like to be; not just in the immediate future, but 1, 5, 10 years from now.


Step Two:


Benchmark Your Current Condition


Once we have an understanding, we work with you to create a set of metrics to quantify where you are.


Step Three:


Strategic Planning and Tactical Plan Creation


Then, using a Systems Thinking Approach, we help you create a strategic plan.  This plan is broken down into a tactical roadmap involving all stakeholders.  In most cases, this includes sales, product development, purchasing and manufacturing; all at the beginning of the process.  This has helped us create added value to our clients through the implementation of innovative solutions to their product, manufacturing, design, quality and system challenges.


We specialize in:


·         Program Management

·         Product Design, Research, and Development

·         Business Process Improvement

·         Waste Reduction

·         Effective Team Leadership

·         Productivity Improvement

·         Personnel Development

·         Root Cause Analysis

·         Strategic Planning

·         Manufacturing

·         Change Management

·         Systems Thinking

·         Customer Relations

If you would like a confidential conversation, free of charge, about us or our services and what we can do for you, please contact the owner, Rob Wendt, at (248) 605-5539, or drop him an email to set up a confidential appointment

We are looking forward to listening to your needs and see what we can accomplish together.


To your continued success!




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